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Biblical Millennialism (Amillennialism)

Pastor Wagner talks about what he refers to as biblical millennialism, otherwise known as amillennialism. The millennium is a figurative amount of time between the first coming of Christ and the second coming of Christ, where the saints live and reign with Christ as the new Testament local church on this earth in the kingdom of God. Millennialism, end times and the reign of Christ.

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I am looking for a good commentary that gives all prophetical prophecies from an Amillennial perspective. It seems many of the 16th and 17th century commentaries (which are the ones I trust the most since most modern commentaries have Dispensationalism in them) were written by the Historicist perspective of Martin Luther and refer to the Pope. I don’t buy that at all. I believe virtually all prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus and the Pope isn’t in there at all. Eschatology is such a mess and only a diligent student is going to wade through the absurd amounts of opinions on it, and the confusing history of it’s interpretations. Amillennialism is shining brightly for me right now, but there seems to be different versions of “partial-preterists”. Some of them seem to be of the camp that Jesus was the end of most prophecies, and others (that I believe are wrong) hold to a post AD70 writing of Revelation and have the Pope as their anti-Christ.

What is the Amillenial view of the Return of Christ? Is he returning physically? Did all the prophecies in Revelation already been fullfilled? Is there still a coming judgement? Lake of Fire? Etc…

Jekris, great questions! Yes, the amillennial position definitely holds to the physical return of Christ per Revelation 20 and the White Throne Judgment of verse 11. The amillennial position considers the world to be in the millennial reign of Christ NOW (the “already”) and awaiting the wrapping up of human history (the “not yet”.)

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