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Mark – N.T. Wright

Gospel of Mark Introduction

Professor Tom Wright discusses why it’s important to read Mark, and why at Lent, setting us up for The Big Read 2012.

Week 1 of The Big Read 2012. It’s the first week of Lent, and we are called to ‘prepare’ ourselves and our hearts for Easter.

Week 2 of The Big Read 2012. We are looking at echoes – echoes of the Old Testament, and echoes of Jesus in our own lives.

Week 3 of The Big Read 2012. Professor Tom Wright explains about expectations, covering rules, purity and legalism.

Professor Tom Wright speaks to us in Week 4 of The Big Read 2012, looking at the challenges we face in understanding who Jesus is, and how we live for him.

Professor Tom Wright, in Week 5 of The Big Read 2012 looks at signs and miracles in Mark’s gospels, and how our lives will change as we observe them.

Professor Tom Wright looks at Jesus’ death, and how Jesus, as life himself, revolted at the idea of going to death, but did it as a matter of vocation.

Professor Tom Wright takes us to the end of the Gospel of Mark, discussing the end of Mark, and how new conclusions have been written. Easter is not just a ‘happy ending’, but amazing, mysterious, new thing, that has not happened before!

Professor Tom Wright encourages us to think about how Mark sees Jesus’ death, designed for around halfway through ‘The Big Read 2012’.

If we’re about to read Mark over Easter, Professor Tom Wright encourages us to think what we’re engaging with. Designed for Easter Week of ‘The Big Read 2012’.

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