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Revelation – Voddie Baucham

These sermons were preached at Grace Family Baptist Church by Voddie Baucham as part of an expository series on Revelation.

(Update 1/24/2023: The YouTube videos this page once highlighted have been set to private by the owner. Those videos were simply these audio recordings set to still title slides.)

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Does anyone know what happened to the missing sermons? Particularly chapters 8-13? I saw somewhere that perhaps someone else besides Voddie covered these but I can’t find any recorded sermons to confirm that. Were those chapters skipped or just not recorded?

All the videos of Voddie’s Revelation sermons have been removed! I don’t understand why??? I can’t find them anywhere!

Does anyone know why Voddie seems to have skipped from chapter 7 to chapter 14? Are there any sermons in this series covering those?

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