Are we in the end times?

end of the age

Can we know when the rapture will happen?

The Bible has answers about the end of days, but do we, as Christians, understand what we’re reading?

Frequently asked questions about the end times

Here are just a few of the questions we’ll tackle on this site:

When is Jesus’ Second Coming? What is the mark of the beast? 666? Who are the 144,000? Who is the Antichrist? Who are the two witnesses? Will there be a third temple? What is dispensationalism? Marriage supper of the Lamb? Futurism? What is the abomination of desolation? When will the Rapture happen? Battle of Armageddon? Gog and Magog? Day of the Lord? Four horsemen of the apocalypse? Who are the 24 elders? Who is Mystery Babylon? Seven seals, seven bowls and seven trumpets? Olivet Discourse? This generation? Man of lawlessness? Coming in the clouds? Coming of the Son of Man? Tribulation saints? When was Revelation written? Great Tribulation? Preterism? White-Throne Judgment? Wormwood? Historicism? Pre-wrath? New World Order? Thief in the night? Last trumpet? Jesus’ millennial reign? Why should we study end-times prophecies? Daniel’s 70 weeks? Imminent return? Three woes? Parousia? Blood moons? Eclipses? Idealism? Satan bound for 1,000 years? War in heaven? Time, times and half a time? Wars and rumors of wars? 70 AD? Beast? False prophets? End of the age? New Heavens and New Earth? Jubilee Year? Great apostasy? Jacob’s Trouble? Kingdom of God? Literal vs figurative interpretation? Mt. Olivet split?

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  1. Just to be a little more clear. There are two hours with two resurrections in John 5:24-29. The first hour…

  2. I suggest that John 5:25 is the same as “made alive” in Eph. 2 and the “first resurrection” in Rev.…

  3. Mike, since the wicked are also raised in the John passage (v28-29), would this not indicate the final judgment and…

  4. If a comparison of John 5:24-29 with Rev. 20:1-6 does not make the case for Amillennialism then I don’t know…

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“An amillennialist is one who believes that the historical covenants with Abraham, David, and Israel have found their fulfillment in the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus the Messiah and the matchless blessings of the Gospel flowing therefrom. He believes that the predestinating purpose of God in the salvation of men has been realized always (Old and New Testament) in one people and one people only- “The remnant according to the election of grace.” He believes the second Advent will bring salvation to no one, but will bring all to the judgement of God and the eternal divide.” ~Arthur Carver- The Great Consummation